kit 88 - Study Hall Shawl kit

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The Study Hall Shawl uses simple slipped stitches to make the geometric color play a breeze to do!

Whether you’re still in the September-to-spring rhythm of school, or just remember the thrill of newness every autumn brought, the Study Hall Shawl is meant to evoke those tidy stacks of books and supplies.

There are 5 colors combos available, as show in the pictures, note #4 and #5 use 3 skeins

#1:  $56 Thuja (black) and Monokrom 3052 (orange) - First picture

#2: $56 Thuja (black) and Thyme (grey) - Second picture (girl with book)

#3: $56 Thyme (grey) and Rubia (red) - Third picture (girl in forest)

#4: $82 Hazelnut and Buckthorn and Uneek 3008 (teal red) - Fourth picture

#5: $82 Indigo (blue) and Thyme and Uneek 3025 (blue-green) - Fifth picture