kit 57 - Pronto Kit for Hat and/or Gloves - ONE DAY GIFT IDEA

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This set was created  using Malabrigo Caracol, Debbie Bliss Roma, and Urth Yarns Koozoo.  You can create both the hat and gloves with one kit or you can create 2 hats, or two pairs of gloves. Either way you can create one of these projects in just a few hours. Which is why I call them, PRONTO!

When you buy this kit, you will get 2 patterns, one for the hat and one for the gloves.

Makes a great holiday gift!

There will also be 2 FREE classes for these patterns, if you purchase this kit. The hat class is on Wed  Dec. 2, and the glove class is on Thurs Dec. 3.  Find the class on the Classes menu to sign up.