kit: 129 - As It Fades Shawl Kit

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In celebration of Local Yarn Store Day 2022, we are introducing a special and unique Shawl Kit!

We have a place up in the beautiful Sierra Mountains. We love to take walks, especially after the snow begins to melt. Beautiful creeks begin to form from the snow fall and the water moves beneath the earth to fill the lake. As the day fades, the sun begins to fade. As it fades, it forms these beautiful colors of Blues, Greys and Plums on the rippling creeks. As it fades, the beautiful colors fade into shades of darkness as the water ripples onto the rocks.  As it fades, the colors fade, but not the beauty.

As it fades was created to duplicate the beauty of the mountains. Start with the lightest shade, which is the sun, followed by shades of color which are the colors of the water flowing over the rocks, and ends with the darkest shade which is the water rippling on the rocks as the sun fades.

Your As it Fades Shawl Kit includes the pattern, and five 50g. gradient skeins of 16 FINGERING,  a custom-dyed yarn from URTH YARNS.   Each skein is 100% Ultrafine Merino.  3 choices of color.

A portion of the proceeds from these kits will be donated to the UKRAINE Refugees Fund.