kit: 129-A: As It Fades with Painted Crossings Kit

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In the mountains, where natural creeks have formed,  people build crossings and paint them to match their cabins.  As the sun fades, beautiful shadows are formed over the creeks, highlighted by the painted trellis and planks used to cross the creek.

My version of the painted crossings was created by adding an additional accent color skein to the As It Fades into Darkness Kit, featuring 5 skeins of Urth 16. It gives the shawl a pop of color as it highlights your color identity.

5 choices of color:

As It Fades into Purple $120.00

As It Fades into Turquoise $120.00

As It Fades into Green $120.00

As It Fades into Red $120.00

As It Fades into Gold $120.00