kit: 103 - Cirrus Kit

Regular price $223.00

A soft glow emits from Shibui Silk Cloud while Shibui Pebble provides substantial drape. A set of wide sleeves and cowl neck compliment the curved hem.

This pullover is knit using 1 strand of Pebble and 1 strand of Silk Cloud held together throughout.

Kit Includes pattern and yarn

Needle sizes needed:  US8, US7, US4

2 Sizes Available.  The S/M has 9 skeins, the M/L has 11

The pictures of the yarn/colors are in the following order:

S/M Silk Cloud-Ash/Pebble-Ash 4/5 $223.00

S/M Silk Cloud-Ash/Pebble-Fog 4/5 $223.00

S/M Silk Cloud-Pollen/Pebble-Field 4/5 $2230.00 

M/L Silk Cloud-Bordeaux/Pebble-Bordeaux 5/6 $273.00

M/L Silk Cloud-Blueprint/Pebble-Blueprint 5/6 $273.00

M/L Silk Cloud-Blueprint/Pebble-Suit 5/6 $273.00

M/L Silk Cloud-Velvet/Pebble-Velvet 5/6 $273.00

M/L Silk Cloud-White/Pebble-Bone 5/6 $273.00