Color Work Class

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Color Work

Instructor: Sandy

Date: Thursday, November 30, 9am – 11am

Fee $35.00

Learn to use two colors on two hands in this easy to learn color work class. Learn how to create pictures and mosaics designs, and how to trap the yarn to minimize long yarn floats.  A little bit of english knitting and continental knitting at te same time makes this technique easy to work.

 Homework: Using scrap yarn cast on 30 stitches. Do a K1, P1 rib pattern for 6 rows, then two rows of knitting.  Bring 2 or 3 additional scrap yarns in contrasting color from your knitted piece but in similar weight yarn.

Bring with you: Basic Knit Kit with Scissors, Measuring tape, stitch markers, etc. and pencil and paper.