kit 63 - Mama’s Love Songs Kit

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I Love my Mother, and I Love the sound of my Mom’s Voice.  When my sister I were little, we had very long hair that needed help washing.  When we were near the end of our bath my mom used to come in and lovingly and gently wash our hair and she would sing loves songs.  When I see the word LOVE, I immediately am taken back to my Mom and those songs and one of them inevitably gets stuck in my head for the day.  “L is for the way you look at me”. This blanket design is a gift to my Mom and her love songs that live in my head.

 Mama’s Love Songs Kit includes four skeins of Berroco Macro in three wonderful colors, and a fun weekend pattern, and Darning Needle for Bulky Yarn

ALSO:  There will be a FREE class for this blanket.  Check the class menu or give us an email  for the dates. 

 Other needed Materials: Size US 17 needles, Scissors 

 [NOTE: Yarn does not come wound]