kit 12 - Chasing Rainbows kit

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Chasing Rainbows aka Flash those Purlies by Sandy Rowney  

When I received this new yarn, Dark Side of the Moon, from Alexandra of Alexandra’s Crafts, I had to knit it immediately.  I created a cowl which is mostly knit, but when I saw the splash of rainbows, I wanted to make them stand out, you know, really flash!  So I thought the best way was to knit them differently as I came up to them.  As I saw the rainbows come up the working yarn and on to my needles, I decided to purl them. Those rainbows actually get purled twice, once as they hit my needles from the working yarn, then once again as the rainbow came around as a stitch below on my needles.  It was so much fun to chase the rainbows and purl them as they made their way on to the cowl.  They really stand out and flash their colors! 

Whether you knit this piece as a short cowl or long infinity loop you will enjoy the way your purled rainbow stitches flash as you chase your rainbows!

Sizes: Short Cowl, Long Infinity Loop

Needles and Notions: US Size 6, 24” for cowl, US Size 6, 32” for Infinity Loop. Stitch Marker

Yarn: One skein of Dark Side of the Moon from Alexandra, Psychedelic


Two Color Options:  Light Grey, Light Denim