Knit Happy!

Posted by James Rowney on

While I was working at my shop this week, a dear lady named Claudia came in for some help. Once I helped her, she said she couldn’t wait to get home and knit… and be happy. I said, “Uh, okay.” She said she had a unique experience a while back while knitting. She noticed that the tag on the yarn she was using said, “Knitters are happy people.” She thought about that and said, “Yes! Every time I knit, I’m happy.” She thought that it might have something to do with being creative with your hands. It seems everyone she knew who working on their knitted masterpieces seemed genuinely happy while knitting.

She also talked about her grandson, who at a young age, learned to knit by one of his teachers. Guess what? He’s 26, living in another country, and loves to knit. Lastly, she talked about knitting while her husband battled leukemia. She was with him every day while he fought. And every day, she knitted by his side, which kept him at peace. We talked for a while and in the end, we agreed that all knitters are very happy people. That everyone should learn to knit.

It reminded me of a picture that Yen’s daughter, Mya, drew when we first met. It was a picture of the world with everybody knitting all over the place. Above the world, it said, “Knit the world a better place.” Yup, that’s what we are doing here.

So, next time you are with someone who is sad or lost…. or bored; or if they have downtime for some reason, bring them to my shop. Our “Learn to Knit” classes are free. Let me teach them how to knit; how to knit happy.