Sandy’s Blocking and Finishing Class

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Instructor:  Sandy  Level: All Levels                   Cost: $35

Wed, Nov 28, 10-12PM

This is the class you have been waiting for.  Once you have completed your knitting project, no matter what size, there should be some form of finishing and blocking techniques used to make your piece look finished and pristine. Pieces should be washed, blocked and ends need to be woven in so they are not visible.

What you will learn:  Students will learn the proper way to wash, pin, wet, steam, and weave in ends to make your project look its very best before you wear it or present it as a gift.

Materials:  Please bring an item you have completed (size does not matter). You can also knit a swatch and bring that and we will block that piece so you will know how its done.  Ends do not have to be woven in, we will demonstrate that in class. Also, bring your knit kit which should contain, a darning needle, scissors, and measuring tape. These items can also be purchased on the day of the class. Additional blocking products and finishing techniques will also be demonstrated on the day of the class. You do not need to be purchase prior to class.

HOMEWORK:  Bring something you have knitted and need help blocking it.

*** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That! 10 % off supplies for all classes.