Nordic Hat

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Instructor: Louisa

Level: Intermediate

Tue, Nov 27, 2-5PM (3 hour class)

Cost: $50

This hat is not only fun to wear but fun to make.  You can add beads if you want to jazz it up.  You’ll get lots of practice stranding colors and a few extra handy techniques such as a piped cord and a facing.  The hat comes in 3 sizes: small (18”), medium (21”) and large (24”).

Prerequisites:  Confident with knitting in the round and comfortable knitting with double points or magic loop.  You might find it easier to work in 2 colors if you can work with both yarns at once, picking with yarn in your left hand and throwing with yarn in your right.  See our class Knitting the Continental Way.

What you will learn:

  • How to strand yarn across back of work to create areas of different color. I’ll show it three different ways:
    • holding 2 colors in the right hand and “throwing.”
    • holding 2 colors in the left hand and “picking.”
    • the easiest way, holding one color in each hand, throwing the background color and picking the foreground.
  • How to trap yarn at back of work to weave in ends and control floats.
  • How to knit a facing.
  • How to make a piped cord.
  • How to add beads to a stranded project.


  • 1 skein of fingering weight yarn for background color.
  • 1 skein of fingering weight yarn for forground color.
  • 16” circular needles size 3 or whatever size achieves 28 stitches/inch over stranded pattern.
  • 16” circular needles size 2 for band facing.
  • Size 3 dpn’s or long circular needle for magic loop to finish crown.
  • For optional beads: Size 13 crochet hook.  Flower hat requires 147 (168, 189) size 6 beads.


  • Pick up FREE patterns at Knit This Purl That.
  • Using smaller needles, cast on the appropriate number of stitches for your size and knit the first 10 rows of the facing.
  • Knit a small “practice” swatch 28 stitches and 4 rows is enough. Can be in any weight yarn.  Have small amount of contrasting yarn in same weight for practice.  Leave the swatch on needles other than those to be used for your hat.
*** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That! 10 % off supplies for all classes.