Let’s Learn The Magic Loop

Regular price $35.00

Instructor: Sandy

Level: Advanced beginner

Fee: $35

Date: Friday, October 19, 12-2 pm


As I was learning how to knit, this became one of my favorite techniques as I struggled with double pointed needles. The Magic Loop is a great knitting Technique that takes the place of double pointed needles when creating a small circumference knitting in the round such as small sweater sleeves, socks, gloves, bootcuffs, hats or anything else that needs a tube of knitting.

Prerequisite: Students should be proficient in Basic Knitting: Knit,Purl, Cast on, Bind off.

What you will learn:  In this class you will learn this technique while creating a drink cozy.  This will be a great class to learn this technique before venturing into socks or gloves and our upcoming two-at-a-time socks.

Materials:  All materials will be provided to be used during the class.


*** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That! 10 % off supplies for all classes.