kit: 161 - High Sierra Shawl Kit

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High Sierra designed by Rosemary (Romi) Hill is a triangular shawl with a unique and fun construction: start with a center triangle, bind off, and pick up stitches in the yarn overs around the center triangle to continue working the shawl. Modular lace sections paired with stripes give the shawl an asymmetrical feel, but it’s actually a symmetric triangle!

The kit includes: One 100 gr skein of fingering and six miniskeins of Anzula Luxury Yarn, and the High Sierra Shawl pattern by Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Additional Knitting materials needed: US4, 32” circular needles, US7 dpn (for reverse stockinette

I-cord bind off), scissors, darning needle, stitch markers.

4 colors to choose from