Flash Those Purlies

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INSTRUCTOR: Sandy  LEVEL: Adv. Beginner        

FEE: Free with the purchase of yarn

Date: Friday, August 21, 4-6:00pm

Here’s is a fun way to really make colors flash in your knitting.  Learn this technique while creating a beautiful cowl.  If your skein has splashes of color, really make those colored areas flash, or if your skein has many colors, focus on one color and have it flash throughout the piece. Using this technique with these hand-dyed skeins makes it impossible to duplicate your piece which really makes it unique and fun to knit.

What you will learn: Learn how to knit a cowl in the round without getting a twist in your stitches. Learn how to drop down into your knitted piece and change or fix stitches to keep your colors flashing. Learn how to block your completed piece.

Materials:  One skein of Dark Side of the Moon from Alexandra or one skein of McIntosh from Apple Fiber Studio, US Size 6, ( 24 “ circular needles for Cowl, 32” circlular needles for Infinity Loop, Stitch Marker, One set of the following: point protectors, Needle Keepers or two rubber bands, (Pattern for Flash those Purlies will be sent to you).

There is a special product under our YARN section where you can buy this yarn. Make sure you order it early so you get it before the class!

Homework: Once you receive your pattern and have your yarn wound and ready to go, Cast On 150 stitches for Cowl, or 200 stitches for Infinity Loop. Leaving at least a 6” tail. Do not join in the round.  Knit this piece flat as follows: Row 1-Knit, Row 2-Knit, Row 3-Purl, Row 4 Knit, Row 5 Purl. What you should end up with is a piece with a row of garter bumps and three rows of stockinette (knits on one side, purls on the other). Once you have the 5th round completed, you are ready for class.

    *** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That! 10 % off supplies for all classes.