Design a Sweater Series

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Instructor:  Louisa          Level:  Advanced   Cost:  $100

Sunday April 5, 12, 19, 26, 2-4pm  (4 2-hour classes)

Do you have problems knitting or crocheting patterns that don’t fit?  Do you have ideas you’d like to knit but don’t know where to start?   It’s easier than you think if you do it one panel at a time.  These 5 classes will take you through it start to finish.

  1. Measuring and creating your own blue print pattern. What to think about when selecting yarn.
  2. Choosing your stich pattern and starting on your first panel.
  3. Knitting or crocheting body panels and sleeves
  4. Shaping and joining.
  5. Edging and finishing.

Prerequisites:  You must have completed a structured sweater (separate front, back sleeves and then assembled.

What you will learn

  • Take measurements for a garment.
  • Create a schematic of your body.
  • Create a full size paper pattern for a sweater to fit you.
  • Estimate yarn requirements.
  • Select stitches.
  • Joining techiques.
  • Edging techniques.

You’ll also get a document describing the contents of the class:

  • What measurements do you need and how to take them.
  • How to create the body schematic.
  • How to estimate ease.
  • How to create the paper pattern.
  • How to estimate yarn requirements.
  • How to join pieces with a three-needle bindoff.
  • How to create attached I-cord.

Class1:  Making It Fit:

  • Get all the body measurements you’ll need to create this sweater.
  • Create a schematic that represents your body to make sure that not only this pattern but other patterns will fit you.
  • Discuss ease: how much space you want between your skin and the sweater.
  • Discuss how to use the paper pattern as a guide as you knit the swatches that make up the sweater.
  • Discuss yarn selection. How yarn selection influences the ease you allow in your pattern.
  • Estimate how much yarn you’ll need.
  • Bring tape measures, rulers, pencils and erasers. Paper for drafting the pattern will be provided.
  • Wear garments in which you can be measured: light weight or removable.  Bring a sweater or jacket that fits the way you’d like your new sweater to fit to help you estimate how much ease you like in your garments.

Class2:  Choosing Stitches

  • Create a full size pattern on which to build your swatches.
  • We’ll discuss how many panels to use and how to place them on the paper pattern you created.
  • Which stitches work well for the borders – which may not. Which stitches work well together – which may not.
  • Bring your ideas and stitch dictionaries. Bring pictures of sweaters you think are interesting.  Let the ideas flow.


Class3:  Creating the Pieces

  • I’ll show you how to “measure” your panel against the paper pattern so you can see your sweater as it grows. You’ll essentially “tile” your paper pattern with knitted or crocheted panels.
  • This is a working knit along. Bring your paper pattern, your knitted panels, your yarn and your knitting kit.  We’ll knit and plan together.


Class4:  Putting it all together:

  • How to make the final shaped pieces. We’ll use some calculations but we’ll also place the live work on the paper pattern to make sure it’s growing in the proper shape.
  • How to join pieces using 3-needle bindoff.
  • Other joining options.
  • Bring 2 swatches at least 4” X 4” on which to practice joining. It would be best if the swatches were comperable to those used in the sweater. 
  • Knitters should bring 3 needles of appropriate size and sufficient yarn to do the 3-needle bindoff.
  • Crocheters should bring hooks and yarn for a crochet join.

Class5:  Edging and Finishing

  • How to finish the edges with attached I-cord.
  • Other edging options.
  • Choosing closures: buttons, hooks, ties…
  • Bring a swatch at least 4” X 4” on which to practice edging. It would be best if the swatch were comperable to those used in the sweater.
  • Knitters should bring sufficient yarn of appropriate weight to do the icord and either circular or double point needles.
  • Crocheters should bring hooks and yarn for a crochet edge.
  • Bring stitch dictionaries and other edging ideas. Edges are a place where you can do some wonderful things.

Supplies:  Yarn and knitting/crocheting supplies sufficient for a jacket.

Homework:  see each class description for requirements.


*** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That! 10 % off supplies for all classes.