Stitch techniques featuring Kinky Socks, Baa-ble Cowl, or Love Blanket

Regular price $35.00

Instructor: Sandy

Level: Intermediate

Fee: Free with the purchase of kit (see below), otherwise $35

Date: Saturday Feb. 27, 12-2 pm (Pacific)

Description: This class is perfect for the person who wants to expand their knitting techniques using one or our unique knitting kits. The class will feature :

  • Duplicate Stitch technique
  • Color Work
  • Charting

The class if FREE if you purchase one of the following kits:

Kit 30 - Baa-ble Cowl

Kit 63 - Mama's Love Song Blanket

Kit 64 - Kinky Boot Socks

Otherwise, the class is $35

Homework: Please come to class with needles, and with yarn wound (if needed).

*** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That!