Summer Knit-Along Series 2022

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Knit This, Purl That will be hosting a summer knitalong series.  We have already started the series with the As It Fades Shawl. We purchased the kit and o have enjoyed knitting the shawl together on Saturday Afternoons.

Our Knitalongs take place every Saturday from 2 – 4:00pm (Pacific).

We will continue knitting the As It Fades Shawl into the Month of June as we introduce our next knitalong project.

Below is the schedule for Saturday Knitalongs through the month of October.  If we do not have people signed up for the Knitalong for a certain project or month, we may be introducing something new per request and interest and you will be welcomed to join us.   We will continue to work on projects from the previous month if needed.

Please register for the Knitalong months you plan on joining us.  Registration is free. Your registration will let me know that you will be joining and includes you information, change of project, change of schedule, pattern updates etc., as it pertains to our knitalongs. Please purchase the kit before joining us.  Kit numbers are listed below.

See you there! 

JUNE 2022                LOKKEN KERCHEIF AND SHAWL (Picture #1, kit 90) and

                                  AS IT FADES SHAWL - continued from May (Picture #2, kit 129)

JULY 2022                POSITIVE VIBRATIONS SHAWL (Picture #3, kit 87)

AUGUST 2022          JUNIPER AND CEDAR SHAWL (Picture #4, kit 21)

SEPTEMBER 2022    LA MONDIOLA WRAP (Picture #5, kit 113)  

OCTOBER 2022        STUDY HALL (Picture #6, kit 88)