Navigating Ravelry

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INSTRUCTOR: Lorraine LEVEL: All levels FEE: $35.00/2 hour class

Monday June 17, 12:30-2:30pm

What is Ravelry                                                      

Ravelry is an international web site for knitters and Crocheters, Which has over 400,000 patterns available for viewing. They are also a great source for storing electronic patterns. 

Ever been curious to see what a yarn looks like knit up? Wonder if that pattern you like is as easy as it looks? Want to visit a forum and discuss your project with the designer? Want to be informed of a knit-a-long with people from all over the world? Ever wish you had a way to know what yarns you have at home while you are on a yarn crawl so you don’t duplicate?

If you have any desire to learn the answers to these questions and possibly more, this is the class for you. 

 Bring a note pad and pen. 

*** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That! 10 % off supplies for all classes.