Charts Save Time and Tinking

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INSTRUCTOR: Louisa LEVEL: Intermediate FEE: $35.00/2 hour class

Saturday, June 16, 2-4pm

Charts:  most knitters say they hate them, but charts can make the knitters life SO much easier.  Once you know how to read them, they can be much easier to read than the printed instructions.  Charts are almost a necessity for color work, but where they really shine is in preventing errors.  Consider the following instructions:

  • Row1: *K1,P2 repeat from * 5 times.
  • Row 2: *P2,K2 repeat from * 5 times.

Sure, it tells you the stitches, but it does NOT tell you that the knit stitches line up in rows to create ribs rather than seed stitch.  A chart shows you that.  So, you can usually see within a few stitches if you have made a mistake.  You don’t have to wait to the end of the row to discover you are off a stitch.

Prerequisites: Be comfortable knitting, purling and reading knitting instructions.

What you will learn: How to read charts for colorwork, standard knit/purl stitches, cables, and lace.  How to read charts for working flat and in the round.


  • Swatch 1: Cast on 20 stitches using any smooth yarn and appropriate needles.  Knit a row. Leave on needles.
  • Swatch 2: Using smooth worsted weight and appropriate 16” circular needles, cast on 100 stitches.  Join to work in the round.  Work 1 round in K1, P1 ribbing.  Leave on needles.
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