Celtic Cables

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Instructor: Louisa    

Level: Advanced Beginner

Fee: $35 for 1 two hour class

Dates: Sunday, August 4, 2-4pm

     Celtic cables are much like ordinary cables except they look more like the fancy knotted designs seen on old Celtic gravestones rather than the normal braid.  The loops start and stop within the design rather than running from the bottom to the top of the work. 

    This class provides the skills necessary for the Celtic Cable Afghan KAL starting in September.

    What you will learn:

    • How to read a cable chart.
    • How to create right and left crossing cables.
    • Techniques to begin and end a celtic knot


    • One skein of light color, smooth worsted weight yarn.
    • Size 7 needles.
    • One cable needle

    Homework:  purchase the Squares 1 (#1 - #10) by Devorgilla

    *** Please note that all yarn must be purchased at Knit This Purl That! 10 % off supplies for all classes.