Cast On and Bind Off Workshop

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Cast On and Bind Off Workshop - Matching techniques to the project and expanding your options

Instructor Jenni Lehman                 Cost: $35.00                 Level: Beginner - Adv beg

Dates and Times:

Tuesday, January 19, 4-6 pm Pacific Time (7pm EST)

(This will be a virtual class, zoom info will be sent after registration)

Are you casting on and binding off each project using the same technique each time without even thinking about it?  You have lots of options and you might not be matching the best techniques for your project.  This workshop will give you a framework to assess each situation and recommend techniques you might want to try.

Class Focus: The class will focus on how to assess the cast on and bind off needs of your knitting project and match them to best option.  It will also include exercises and demonstrations to try different techniques so you can compare for yourself.

Skill Level:  Beginner – Advanced Beginner

Skill required for the class: cast on and bind off (one type of each), knit and purl stitch, successful beginner projects completed.

Techniques the class with cover: cast on options, bind off options

Yarn and needles:  You will need knitting supplies to participate in the workshop exercises – scarp yarn in worsted weight, a set of needles appropriate for the yarn you select (larger is better than smaller), a crochet hook the same or one size smaller for your yarn, darning needle, scissors, knitting notions.

Class structure:

One two hour mini-workshop with lecture learning, demo and exercises.